Creating a domain level local archive mailbox for retrieval by an archiving service

Some email archiving services (e..g Proofpoint Essentials) pull email into their archive by polling an IMAP mailbox.

The following guide shows you how to setup an archive mailbox on Assured.EMail that is suitable for this type of archiving.  Follow these steps;

  1. Login to the WebAdmin console
  2. Click on 'Domains & Accounts', then 'Manage Accounts'
  3. Click on the domain you want to archive and then 'Add Account'
  4. Create archive@[] and note password you create.
  5. Click on 'Quick Add'.

This is the mailbox we will copy email to. Now to create the mail routing rule.

  1. Click on 'Domains & Accounts', then 'Manage Domains'
  2. Click on 'Edit' next top the domain that you want to archive
  3. Now click on 'Account Defaults' in the horizontal tabs on this page
  4. On the buttons under these tabs click 'Message Filters'
  5. Click 'Add Message Rule'
  6. In 'General Settings' name the rule 'Archive_all_EMail' and ensure the 'Enable this incoming rule' checkbox is ticked
  7. In the 'Matches' section delete the 'Subject' rule by clicking on the 'dust bin' icon so that all messages are matched
  8. In the 'Actions' section select 'Redirect to' in the drop down menu
  9. In the field next to the drop down type the name of the archive mailbox (archive@)
  10. Tick the box 'Keep Message' to ensure that the original message stays in the system.
  11. Click 'Save Configuration' at the bottom of the page. 

You should now send and reply to a few emails on this domain and then login to the archive mailbox using WebMail to ensure the emails are being copied to this archive mailbox.

Once you are sure the rule is working you can setup the IMAP account in your archiving service to pull the email into the archive. Here's a snapshot of our archive setup on Proofpoint Essentials.

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