Response times and support tips

  • Non urgent support, we have a 72 hour response service level. Please use the contact form to lodge a support ticket.
  • Urgent issues, that is a serious issue during a clients working hours.

Please note that IF there is a serious issue it’s probably being worked on already.

    1. First line support is managed by your solution provider, please contact them first.
    2. Cleartext direct clients (that includes resellers) or where you can’t contact your solution provider please lodge a support ticket. This is important as the request will be copied to the relevant vendor.
    3. If you don’t get a prompt response from your solutions provider please call us and leave a message. 

Support Tips

Here are the most common things that can cause outages;

  • Your internet connection is down – Contact your IT person or ISP
  • There is a problem with your network – Contact your IT person
  • Your email/IM/web server is down – Contact your IT person (maybe restart the server?)
  • You have been blacklisted and email is not going out – Contact your IT person
  • Your IT systems are OK – Contact our accounts department if you are behind with payments

As you can see most issues with services we provide are outside of our control, please ensure you have checked all of your own or your clients systems prior to contacting us.

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